Faculty of operational and rescue forces

Faculty operational and rescue forces is a structural subdivision of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, the IV university accreditation level of state ownership, submited to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The faculty consists of four departments, courses of mountain-rescuing, special, rescue and automotive training and five cadet units.

Faculty operates in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", "On the scientific and technical activities" normative acts of MOE and SES of Ukraine, and also charter of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine and other statutes of the faculty.

The main tasks of the faculty are:

  • educational activity for training specialists of different educational levels;
  • providing conditions for mastering a system of knowledge about human, nature and society, formation of socially mature creative personality, upbringing morally, psychologically stable and physically healthy generation of citizens, formation of citizenship, patriotism, self-esteem, willingness to work, responsibility for their own destiny, the fate of the society, the state and humanity, to ensure high ethical standards, atmosphere of goodwill and mutual respect between employees, teachers, cadets, students and trainees;
  • training scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel;
  • study of the demand for separate specialties in the labor market and promotion employment of graduates;
  • creation of integrated scientific and methodological support of educational disciplines wich are taught at the Faculty and are the part of industrial and constitute a component of higher education standards in the field of civil protection, as well as higher education standards of the University;
  • work in the field of basic and applied researches;
  • search and embodied in the life of effective forms of integration of teaching and research activities with practical units;
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign educational institutions, their structural divisions, scientists, experts, international organizations with a view to training, joint research, exchange of experiences of the educational process and scientific research.