Department of fire tactics and rescue operations

Department of fire tactics and rescue operations is one of the leading departments of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine and has an important role in the professional development of graduates.
The department taught the following courses: "Fire Tactics", "Organization of rescue operations", "Organization and Tactics of rescue operations." These disciplines contribute to the formation of future graduates of skills and training management operations units in extinguishing fires and conduct rescue operations under different conditions.

The history of department began in May 1949 when the Kharkiv Fire-Technical School was established Fire-tactical cycle. Since then, the department had a glorious way and repeatedly marked by the leadership of the institution as one of the best in the work. The department personally involved in extinguishing of large fires and accidents, which have been repeatedly praised by state awards.

The department is actively involved in organizing and conducting exercises involving units of the institution, MES and State Emergency Service. In July 2004, Department received its present name.