Department of Special Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Established in July 2009, on the base of Department of combustion processes.


Head of Department Colonel of civil protection service Elene V. Tarahno, Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Deputy Head of the Department Colonel civil protection Konstantin Zhernoklёv, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • Professor Vladimir Kalugin, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor.
  • Professor Olga Skorodumova, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Scientist.
  • Professor Alexander Kireev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.
  • Associate Professor Colonel civil protection Andrey Sharshanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • Associate Professor Dmitry Tregubov, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • Associate Professor Larisa Trefilov, PhD, Senior Scientist.
  • Associate Professor Victoria Deineka, Ph.D.
  • Associate Professor Marina Chirkina, Ph.D.
  • Senior Lecturer Elena Hristich, Ph.D.
  • Тeacher of the department lieutenant colonel civil protection Slepuzhnikov Evgeniy Dmitrievich, Ph.D.
  • Doctoral doctorate Major civil protection Maxim Kustov, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • Doctoral doctorate Dadashov Ilgar Fiordosi ogly, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
  • Associate adjunct Major civil protection Dmitry Savelyev.
  • Head of educational laboratory Anatoly Krajewski.
  • Assistant Yuri Red'kin.

Highly qualified teaching staff carries out teaching subjects that are the basis of formation of an experienced specialist who can make decisions in complex emergencies. In 2009 the department became graduating and provides training in the specialty "Chemical technology".

From 2013 Department conducted training for the qualification of "specialist" in the field of knowledge 16 "Chemical technology and engineering", 26 "Civil security" and 10 "Natural science".

Cadets of the first years are working specialty "dosage worker"

Feature of preparation is that our graduates are both classic basic chemical education and special knowledge of radiation, chemical and biological protection of population and territories from emergency situations. Because the future of our specialty specialists have ample employment opportunities in various sectors, namely:

  • in the direction of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the field of providing practical chemical and radiation protection of the population and territories from emergency situations posts:

- An expert on radiation and chemical protection;
- Instructor of radiation and chemical reconnaissance;
- Engineer-radiologist;
- Engineer of radiation and chemical reconnaissance;
- Engineer of radiation safety;
- Commander of department of radiation and chemical protection;
- Squad commander in special treatment;
- Squad radiation and chemical reconnaissance.

  • free choice:

- Chemist engineer for positions in research institutes;
- Chemical engineer in the chemical industry;
- Chemical engineer chemical-radiometric, environmental, forensic laboratories and test services.
The purpose of the department:

  • preparation of specialists in chemical technology and fire safety;
  • training professionals that are able to apply the methods of calculating changes in states of matter and processes of heat exchange in resolving practical issues of fire safety;
  • laying the foundation of scientific understanding of the combustion process, the conditions of its occurrence and spread;
  • study of fire and explosion risk substances and materials and physicochemical principles of fires, basic mechanisms of extinguishing agents

The department's work closely with the Operational Rescue Service m. Kharkiv, Faculty of Chemistry Profile of Karazin National University.The outcome of the Department repeatedly has been noted among the best: 2006 - first place, third place in 2007, third place in 2008.

The department carries out work means to ensure the cadets and students of educational literature, constantly updating and adding to fund a teaching university.

The department is working on the training of young scientists. Department has researches in the following areas: modeling of combustion, heat transfer in emergency situations of different nature; Formulation development of gas sensors for early detection of fire detectors; development of new highly efficient fire fighting and fire protection formulations based on dispersed systems of different nature.

Lecturer trained cadets and students on the subject "Theory of burning and suppression", which received the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Professor Vladimir D. Kalugin, Doctor of philosophy (chemistry), made a bibliographical guide for professors of Karazin National University.