The department opened a new training places:

Participation of Department in a socio-educational campaign "Let's make life safe," under the patronage of Kharkiv City Council:

the Department of Fire and Rescue Training (Artem street, 52/54) were held competitions "Сup to the memory of HPTU graduate Fedor Lemko" on firefighting and applied sport among schools № 1,2,4:

At the request of the "Kharkiv paramilitary squad of" DC "Southern Railway",  at the base of the lecturer of warm smoke chamber began conducting comprehensive studies of the personnel of the gas smoke defenders of Fire Service of Southern Railway:

At the training ground of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine was created a new training places for the workshops with the lecturer of Fire and Rescue training:

At the Department of fire and rescue training was conducted the competition "Best gas smoke defenders line of university". In the event was attended by cadets of the faculties number 1, 2 and 4 from the 1st to the 5th year.