History of the Department

Department of service and training was established in September 1992. The purpose of the department was organizing quality practical training of students using the material-technical base of educational and Rescue.

Since 1992, the department managed:
· Colonel of Internal Servicel PhD., Science Assoc. Kuleshov Nikolay - 1992 year.
· Colonel of Internal Service Vadim G. Avetisyan - 1993.
· Colonel of Internal Service Sergey Yusubovych Rahimov - 1996.
· Major of Internal Service Vladimir Meshcheryakov - 1998.
· Colonel of Internal Service Vadim Poliyevktovych Mamon - 1999.
· Colonel of Internal Service, PhD., Science Assoc. Valery Elizarov - 2001.
· Colonel of Civil Protection Service, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, PhD. Sc. Science, Associate Professor Oleg Evgeniyovich Bezuhlov  - 2003.
· From 2013 Colonel of Civil Protection Service, PhD. Sc. Science, Associate Professor Pavel Anatoliyevych Kovalev.

Since the establishment of the Department and by 2005 block of training fire department was part of the (currently training fire-rescue unit).

As part of the Department was established three subject-methodical commissions that provide training for students:
· Organization of service;
· Training of gas smoke defenders;
· Fire and Rescue Training.

 In 2003, at the faculty of Fire and Rescue Force Department "of service and training" was its educational and scientific structural division. In 2006 the name "Department of Fire and Rescue Force" was changed to "Department of operational and rescue forces," and the department remained its structural division. In 2009, the name "Department of service and training" was changed to "Department of Fire and Rescue training." Department of "Fire and rescue training" is a teaching and research faculty structural division of operational and rescue forces of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine, provides educational work in all the departments NUCDU and educational, methodical and scientific research. The legal basis of the department is the laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", "On Language" other regulations MES and SES of Ukraine concerning areas of its work. The work of the department is based on democratic principles - community, collective and undivided, personal responsibility and public discussion of matters within its competence.

To date, the Department has been actively involved in preparing and conducting competitions in the open championship of SES of Ukraine and DSF "Dynamo" of Ukraine on PPP Prize named in the memory of Fedor Lemko. The department provides technical assistance in the organization of practical training of students in courses Training Fire Department 2,3,4 ....