Educational and methodical work

Department conducted training for the qualification of "specialist" in the field of knowledge 16 "Chemical and Bioengineering", specialty 161 "Chemical technology and engineering" and takes an active part in training on fire safety, civil protection, occupational safety and environmental safety.

The department has 14 teaching staff, of which 3
Doctor of philosophy, 1 full professor, academician of the International Academy of Applied Radioelectronic, 10 PhDs, 6 associate professors (senior researchers); Head of educational laboratory and laboratory worker.

Subjects taught at the department:

General and Inorganic Chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Surface phenomena and disperse systems
General Chemical Engineering
Analytical chemistry
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Energy technologies of chemical-engineering processes
Processes and equipment of chemical plants
Mathematical modeling and optimization of chemical engineering facilities
Fundamentals of chemical plants
equipment technology and design of environmental systems
Radiation Safety Basics
Biological chemistry
Radiation chemistry
Chemically dangerous substances
The theory of combustion and explosion
special handling facilities
Means of radiation and chemical reconnaissance and control
Protection of population and territories from the effects of radiation and chemical destruction facilities
Organization and planning of population and territories from emergency situations of the consequences of radiation and chemically hazardous objects
Methodology and organization of scientific research
Radioactive materials
The technology of fire-resistant coatings
Methods for decontamination and disposal of hazardous chemicals
Fundamentals of biological hazards
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
The theory of combustion and explosion
The dangers of radiation, chemical and biological origin
The theory of development and flame out
Chemistry with the fundamentals of biogeochemistry
Radiation Safety Basics

The department organized educational practice in positions "Dosage worker", "Squad of radiation and chemical protection rescue units of Main Department of SES", "Laboratory assistant of educational laboratory", "Chemical engineer, engineer-radiologist, technologist of chemical production" "Squad commander in special treatment", "Squad radiation and chemical reconnaissance", "Instructor of radiation and chemical reconnaissance"